Details About Ground Control Aviation

Details About Ground Control Aviation

Each and every one of the articles in movement awakens or develops air and can not resist the opportunity to produce something stable. Could we use the disturbing influences of the air flow to identify the stealth aircraft by using laser light in addition to the radar? In this way, despite the fact that the stealth aircraft would have a radar signature at the almost imperceptible moment, it would move a considerable amount of air. That disturbing influence would make a unique mark and, as a result, you would realize that it is there.

Each aircraft takes off and this wake is different depending on the valuable cargo, speed, approach and thrust connected, no matter what falls within a range. This range could be seen as your brand and in this line through the “elimination procedure” give your stealth. The use of drop tanks, bomb loads and fuel would reveal to us in what range the wake of the plane was, and in this way you could know its scope and potential approaches as you fly over it.

If such laser light, in addition to the radar frames on water in transit in our region, we would see the enemy before they got close enough to take out one of our most important urban areas. Maybe we could put these frames in a submerged self-guided, maritime or AUV vehicle; possibly in the state of a whale?

With a video of the aircraft traversing the light of the stars, the backlight uses infrared light from a small opening in the false whale and an observable path of 360 degrees from the surface of the sea or the highest point of a plant spiny to fly to the pharmacists of the street on the margin, even in the corner of the night? We could stop any plane that tries to attack our country.

You would know that the aircraft composes, values ​​the mission in view of an XML spreadsheet of a wide range of aircraft, cruising speeds, valuable cargo, net weight and a brief summary of instant search. We could gather all the information known in the frame using each of the information in Jane’s Book of Aircraft; simply get base information. We could even use this as a protective network for early recognition and shielding against skimmer rockets with landscape tracking.

In addition, the framework could organize approaches in these lines as well and could do everything in an instant. Less than 10 seconds to verify if it is a UFO, well disposed, risk and milliseconds to search the database and send data. Transmission time 1/2 postponement of time to the satellite, summon and control the identification of the information and PC convention to decide the activity. Defeat the aggressors or transmit warriors to others.

If our adversary had this, then our 747 laser plane would be an indistinguishable brand of a fully stacked KLM 747. In this line, the enemy would not shoot, since they would wait for business with the travelers, unlike the Russians when they fell them. business fly they could not identify. Because of that, it is no longer a worthy danger due to the universal reaction of a false step.